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J.Hugh.L.Beattie Portraits, Military & Civil. 
The Sharp Shooters (Kent and county of London Yeomanry) have a museum at Hever Castle. The up to date museum is camouflaged into the bushes to look like a tent and is full of well displayed and interesting military exhibits. I was asked to produce a painting to honour the veterans of C Sqn the Royal Yeomanry as the final panel in the museum exhibition. 
There was a fascinating old boy who hailed from Ghana and served there in the RAF during the war. He then came to England and became a Sharp Shooter during the Cold War. He ended up being the standard bearer for all ceremonial events for the Squadron. So from a series of very grainy photos I have created a painting of John Morrison in his Regimental Blazer on duty as the Kent Yeomanry Regimental Association standard bearer. So now as you leave the Museum the last panel is of old John as a finishing flourish to the exhibits. 
Please come down to Hever Castle on the 11th June to attend the unveiling, enjoy the museum and walk round the castle. 
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