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J.Hugh.L.Beattie Portraits, Military & Civil. 
The Studio has been emptied of completed commissions and the new projects are growing on canvases, with gradual but unrelenting progress. I plan to throw an exhibition when I have amassed more than 20 works, across three subjects that have inspired me over the past year. 
A Royal Thames Pageant has not taken place since Charles II, 350 years ago. Boats have been built especially for The Queen and the spectacle will (if God lets the Head of the Church of England bask in the sun) be phenomenal. I have got photographers staking out the length of the Thames and I will be on HQS Wellington photographing the armada as it comes under Waterloo bridge. Thereafter, I will be working on numerous scenes of the Royal Regatta over the summer. 
Venice out of season can evoke an almost hallucinatory fervour: dreams of vanities of long dead souls, the quiet sounds of the water and the distant hum of the city brings the deep tolls of history ringing in one's imagination. I have painted views of Venice when the morning sun is low in the sky, making sharp light and deep shadows which disguise the myriad of memories and provoke the imagination. 
The Body has been the centre of painting ever since we came out of the Dark Ages. In the pursuit of a new view of a familiar subject which can never loose it fascination I have used lighting to create unusual and beautiful landscapes of the body. With light one can make the familiar unfamiliar and the ordinary intriguing. 
Out of these three passions I will paint, till the winter weather mocks my studio with cutting chill. 
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