The Round Commission

There are very few opportunities these days to paint a Round painting. and even fewer companies that would make a round canvas for you. The easy option would be to paint on ply wood, but I thought I would try to find a carpenter that would be happy to make a traditional stretcher for a round canvas.  The only reason it is difficalt to make a round canvas is that the joints have to be very accurate, I could not hand cut them. If they are not allined perfectly the canvas will not be flat.

After asking all the Framers in London and beyond, I found a self employed Carpenter in Coggeshall who would take the trouble. and after I had done some drawings and talked it through, I now have a two foot canvas which is capable of being chocked out. And he is happy to make some more!

By the time I found a willing carpenter I had already tried the Tudor method of painting on planks mounted side by side. but in the dry centrally heated houses people have, the wood moves so quickly and the painting showed fine splits within a year, so the whole thing had to be done again.