The Last RWMIK

Now I live here in Eight Ash Green, an hour form London, I am 3 hours drive away from my beloved Squadron the Sherwood Ranger Yeomanry (Royal Yeomanry)  If you ever get the chance look it up do, floating tanks and Jerusalem Charges all incredible stuff.  So I have to faze out the Army as the family and painting must dominate life.  

I am very lucky to have a 'Calling in life' and my Calling is approximately to promote Britain as it has been and still is, using oil paint.  So in line with this calling and as I gradually leave the Army I am determined to use my new large studio to paint a ode of love to my Squadron and Regiment in the form of monumental propaganda on canvas.  'All art is propaganda it just depends on the tone'.   The painting's working title is 'Farewell to the RWMIK', The largest painting I have painted to date and the largest I can fit in my Studio.  As I do not have convenient access to soldiers and weapons any more and regimental HMGs are impossible to track down in action, this painting will take a little time.

I have painted the first design layer, and it is promising, I will keep you posted- but next year.

HMG = Heavy Machine Gun   RWMIK = a training tool for armoured vehicle soldiers.