Small Works pay off.

During 2018 I have been building up my Exhibition collections.  A number of pop up opportunities come and go and I have seldom had enough canvasses to fill a large space at short notice, so I have spent the last year along side commission work, painting more works for shows.  

I have chosen 3 basic subjects.  Continuing on from London Ancient & Modern, I am doing more of the City night scapes.  They were very popular and I very much enjoy painting them. North Essex can be as picturesque as any part of the country if you know where to look.  I have even found a house near me that is made of part of an ancient Abby cloister. So painting the Colne valley in summer or under snow together with Colchester's Roman and medieval remains is a very pleasant departure for me.  Lastly I have never had many military paintings that were available to buy as most were commissions, so I am growing my military portfolio by painting small paintings of the British Army whilst training.  The idea of having a formidable armed forces is obviously to make a deterrent for the Queens enemy's.  and so it follows that the army should be admired for its training rather than just its operational fighting.  So paintings of soldiers on Salisbury Plane are a close twin to all my other military works.  The Armed Forces Art Society exhibition has just opened and the Nattional Army Museum boaght a work.  A painting called Show of Force of three Challenger 2 Tanks.  I am thrilled.