New Studio

After the Wedding we moved to North Essex near the Imperial town on Colchester in April 2016.  The Studio in Fulham Gas Works was due to be knocked down and Sally helped me find a wonderful Cottage with a huge garage that we could Convert in to a studio.  As work started Sally 'grew large with child' and the emotions became a little fraught, but we fought on determined to get every thing ready.  Not much painting happened in these months, but as soon as the Studio was finished I painted the Royal Yeomanry Parade painting and the first painting of Frances in the family Christening dress.

My new studio is three times the size of my old Fulham studio 'squat' and the north light window is almost pointing in the correct direction.  Modern building regulation are a little one size fits all.  but I am thrilled with it and with the wood stove behind my office area it is very cozy as long as I have chopped enough wood.  The Carpentry corner is very dominant, but I have used it to adjust stretchers and frames so it is very effective.