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J.Hugh.L.Beattie Portraits, Military & Civil. 
31/08/2011On the Bank holiday weekend I logged in to my website in order to show a friend a particular piece of work. To my horror I found that my site had been hacked into! Instead of the front page showing the Mess Painting, there was a threatening message accusing me of Bombing somewhere in the Middle East and declaring that I would be bombed in return. 
At first I had no idea what to do, my web builder was away and I was not sure if the Police would be interested. However after ringing 101, a friendly Fulham Policeman seemed most interested. (The London carnival at the time was only warming up and I think they were in the lull before the storm). They told me to fill out a short web form and I was then told to ring the 'Reporting Terrorist Activity' phone number. When I did so a very authoritative voice told me he already knew of my plight and that they were interested in my information. On mature reflection the Constable on the 101 number would have rung the terrorist number before I rang it to enquire whether a hacked web site is worthy of their interest. But it seemed very efficient at the time. 
Since then the site has been very quickly put back in order and my web builder has made some beer money, so all is at peace again, let's hope my excellent web builder does not get rich off the back of repeated Hate Crime! 
Keep turning the other cheek! 
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