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J.Hugh.L.Beattie Portraits, Military & Civil. 
Sept 2014. Jan 2015. Over the Autumn I have used all the cloudless days to patrol London for particular views that illustrate the depth of the city’s historical architecture. My passion for the ruins of Rome has been brought home and applied to London. Whilst I enjoy the textures and diversity of old and ancient buildings in the city, this time I will include the towering bland steel and glass architecture that miniaturizes the spires and Towers of our forefathers. The effect must be similar to early Norman cathedrals overwhelming the modest Saxon churches after the conquest. 
Therefore, in the studio this winter I am developing these views of historic buildings surrounded by their modern architecture, using the crystal sharp light of the days in-between each weather front. It is a project that adores the longevity of the old and exposes the temporary shallowness of the new. I will produce a collection of paintings, that at first glance is an ‘up to date' picturesque, but after closer attention it may be seen that the richness of the paint is enthralled to the surfaces of the ancient stones of London rather than the clinical lines of the modern landscape: a declaration of love and disdain. 
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