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J.Hugh.L.Beattie Portraits, Military & Civil. 
March freshens the sinus anew, and so it is reflected in the art world and my studio. I try to close off one year and kick off the next as tidily as possible. It is a mystery to me why the financial year has to turn between March and April, as it is so busy with fresh work: thus it is never a clean cut between projects. 
I have portraits this March with impatient patrons. I have to do last minute adjustments and apply varnish at the same time, impossible I here you cry. Well yes it is impossible; as varnish must only be applied a year after an oil painting is finished. All I try to do is make sure the matt and gloss areas of the work are unified by one thin layer of Linseed oil. This gives the painting more depth and brings all the parts together. The down side is that in many houses the electric lighting shines off oil paintings and it is difficult to see at certain angles. In the end however all paintings will be reflective as varnish must be used to protect the painted surface (as does years of dirt). So if you really want to see a painting in all its glory, come see it in the Studio, for it will never be in such condition again! 
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