Sales & enquiries

How to commission a Portrait

To commission a painting all you need is to pass your enthusiasm for your chosen subject to the artist.  Whether it is a long lost grandparent of your lively child, there are no insumountable limits to the subject matter. Let the painter get to know you a little, and then the artist can arrange a composition. You can have as much artistic licence as you wish. If you would like your portrait done, try to make time to sit for Hugh, ideally 3 times. A sitting is usually 1-2 hours, you don't have to sit still for long and Hugh is known for his lively conversation! If you are very short on time, sittings can be done just with the camera.  Prices start at £1000.  Direct e-mail

Photographic Prints

All paintings can be reproduced as one off photographic prints.

Old Master Copies

If you admire a particular old master painting, you can have it copied to a high and long lasting standard.  If the original is accessible Hugh will visit the painting and colour match form life. Prices start at £1000

Landscape Paintings for sale

Some of the paintings on this site are for sale, mainly in the England & Italy category's. 

The cost of a small landscape painting is between £500 & £900. Please contact Hugh for details.